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VEND is a registered trademark of VEND IND E COM DE MÁQUINAS LTDA, currently located in the city of São Leopoldo - RS started its activities in 2007 in the city of Esteio - RS with the business name of Bobetech Ind and Com Ltda. supply technology and innovation to the industrial and commercial market, in the year 2017 aligned with its strategies and market of action began to be called VEND IND E COM DE MÁQUINAS LTDA.
VEND has trained technical staff and constant process improvements seeking the highest quality of its products and services, the production process and the products are certified according to INMETRO\'s post
The nationalization of its products translates into safety and reliability for customers who come to rely on factory warranty, original spare parts and permanent technical support.
Offer solutions in vending equipment, continuously seeking the highest quality and competitiveness in meeting the needs of the market.
Be a national reference in the follow-up vending for the service, quality, reliability and innovation of its products.